Marek Napiórkowski “Wolno”

Universal Music Polska, 2007

Wolno (slowly, freely) is the apotheosis of the moment. The praise of pure, acoustic sound and the beauty within, which has been there since forever, outside the time. It is focused, as much as it is insane – how else would you call a congregation of those extraordinary musicians, who let themselves be carried away by their imagination, which is throwing them into regions that they themselves didn’t suspect existed. It is a holy day of Freedom in music. It is, eventually, a lingering thought of a dreamy passerby, so priceless in chaos and jittery pulse of the modern world. Only from this perspective, of wandering slowly, you can say things that matter.

[Universal Music Polska]

Marek Napiórkowski & Anna Maria Jopek feat. Mino Cinelu – Ravelo



Marek Napiórkowski – acoustic guitar
Anna Maria Jopek – vocal (8)
Mino Cinelu – percussion (8)
Gregoire Maret – harmonica (3, 6, 7, 9)
Robert Majewski – flugelhorn (2, 4)
Michał Tokaj – grand piano
Robert Kubiszyn – double bass
Michał Miśkiewicz – drums


1. The Long and Winding Road
2. The Sum of All Days
3. Vietato Fumare
4. Wolno
5. Miró
6. Gotlandia
7. Rueda
8. Ravelo
9. Beetwen a Smile and a Tear

Release year: 2007
Publisher: Universal Music Polska
Catalogue No.: 13769000

Composed by Marek Napiórkowski except for The Long and Winding Road (John Lennon and Paul McCartney) and Ravelo (Marek Napiórkowski and Anna Maria Jopek)

Produced by Marek Napiórkowski and Robert Kubiszyn / Universal Music Polska
Recording, mixing and mastering: Tadeusz Mieczkowski
Recorded on 8-9 august and 31 october 2006, mixed on 3 stycznia 2007 in Sound & More Studio