The composition of Marek Napiórkowski’s Sextet consist of the most outstanding Polish jazz players: Michał Tokaj (grand piano), Robert Kubiszyn (bass and double bass), Adam Pierończyk (soprano and tenor saxophones), Henryk Miśkiewicz (bass clarinet) and Paweł Dobrowolski (drums).

The musicians invited to take part in the project are Marek Napiórkowski’s long-time musical partners and friends, connected on stage by an almost telepathic relationship. 

Marek Napiórkowski – guitar
Adam Pierończyk – sax (sopran, tenor)
Henryk Miśkiewicz – bass clarinet
Michał Tokaj – grand piano, flute
Robert Kubiszyn – bass, double bass
Paweł Dobrowolski – drums

Marek Napiórkowski Sextet – Vietato Fumare
Marek Napiórkowski Sextet – Przystanek Woodstock ’15